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About Finance for the Future


Finance for the Future is a partnership between chartered accountant Richard Murphy and environmentalist Colin Hines.


Richard Murphy is also the director of Tax Research UK and founder of the Tax Justice Network and a regular blogger on tax reform.


Colin Hines is the creator and convener of the Green New Deal group.


Together Richard and Colin have worked on the Green New Deal, the promotion of local authority bonds and pension reform, all with the objective of releasing funding for green investment in the UK.


Financial support for the research undertaken by Finance for the Future is supplied by the Network for Social Change, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.


Research papers

Finance for the Future has published two major papers during 2010:


Cuts: the callous con trick. A briefing by Richard Murphy, Caroline Lucas MP and Colin Hines on why the ConDem coalition’s programme of cuts is not needed that sets out a  viable alternative.


Making Pensions Work. A briefing by Richard Murphy and Colin Hines on why at present all pensions in the UK are effectively paid by the state and why our pension system and the conditions for the tax reform that they enjoy must be reformed as a consequence. Discussion of this report can be found here.


Making quantitative easing green.  A paper by Richard Murphy and Colin Hines exploring the whole issue of quantitative easing and suggesting that because the first round of quantitative easing was captured for the benefit of the finance industry any new round must be very different with cash being spent into the economy to create a Green New Deal nationally and locally, with the only debt to be repurchased being PFI debt, to remove once and for all the legacy of that appalling system of finance.


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